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Rights For Residents Unisex T-Shirt

£15.00 - £16.00

Our classic fit t-shirt for Men & Women.

Buying this t-shirt helps Rights for Residents to reunite families with their loved ones.

Thousands of families throughout the UK are being denied the right to visit their loved ones living in care homes.

My name is Jenny. Like many others, my mum Jean lives in a care home and suffers from dementia. It’s been eight long months since she was allowed any meaningful contact with her family and she feels like a prisoner – although she’s committed no crime.

When the first lockdown ended and restrictions were eased, those living in care settings were the only group in society who were denied their human right to see their families. They weren't allowed the freedom to form social bubbles - like vulnerable people living in the community. Eight months on, the only plan the Government has is to lock our loved ones away with no end in sight.

We're campaigning to prevent many more thousands of premature deaths - as people simply give up the will to live - spending their last weeks and days pining for the comfort of those they hold most dear. That this is happening in the UK today is simply barbaric.

We can change this but we desperately need your help.