Our Campaign

Rights For Residents is a campaign to end the current inhumane restrictions that prevent relatives visiting their loved ones in care homes.

Since the coronavirus lockdown many care home residents have been cut off from their families and denied the support and stimulation they so desperately need. On top of that, many residents are experiencing the added trauma of being isolated in their rooms as part of care homes’ infection control measures.

At Rights for Residents, we say this situation is untenable and must change immediately.

These Are Our Aims

We want the Government to find a more humane and nuanced solution that balances the risk of contracting Covid-19 against the devastating mental and physical deterioration we are witnessing. They could end this suffering by:

· Granting key worker status to relatives with access to the same testing regime as care staff and resume regular indoor visits

· Ending the unfair restriction that limits visits to the same nominated family member and the 30 minute time limit

· Producing a policy that protects those living in care settings from premature deaths due to loneliness and isolation.

How we expect the Government to do this:

Develop a detailed plan with clear guidelines to ensure care home residents are reunited with their families.

Remove the burden of responsibility from individual care home managers to decide on visiting policies as they are frozen by the fear of litigation.

Support care providers and Home Managers with tests for relatives and public liability indemnity as it has done for the NHS.